The Why, What, and How of Buying Viagra

Viagra is commonly used for treating erectile dysfunction. It has emerged as a top seller. Many have benefitted from this drug. They are available in various dose ranges. Consulting a doctor before dosing is important. Buying it online will give you better discounts.


The US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) approved Viagra in 1998. This drug is used by people across the globe. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition that causes one to lose an erection quickly and affects the process of ejaculation. Some people term it sexual dysfunction. Sexual health has always been a sensitive topic especially something like ED is quite a sensitive discussion. It is indeed difficult for a man to talk about this problem. However help comes in the form of this oral pill. Technically termed sildenafil citrate, this drug is known to be efficacious in treating a man’s sexual dysfunction. This makes it easier for purchase and dosing. There are also a host of other benefits of using this pill. In fact sildenafil has been credited as the pioneer of ED medication. It is quite common to suffer from ED after a man has turned 40 but the scenario is different nowadays. Young men who are just 25 years are beginning to experience ED which is not a very good sign. As a result more and more people are taking the help of this drug is enhancing their sexual lives. The pill should generally be consumed an hour prior to the sexual activity to maximize its effects.



Buying online

This drug is available in various doses. 50 mg is the common recommended dose for most users. However, the dose can be increased up to 100 mg or reduced to 25 mg as per the advice of your healthcare provider. Though doses higher than 100 mg are also available, they should be taken strictly under medical supervision. The drug should be used only once in a day. The drug is highly effective and side-effects mainly occur due to misuse of the pill. A man reaching his sixties is generally asked to start taking the pill with a dose range of 25 to 50 mg. These pills can be easily bought online. Whatever the dose-strength required, they are made available through online stores and pharmacies.


Purchasing sildenafil online is also much cheaper with the online vendors offering good discounts. Some of them even sell you the drug without prescription. If you are currently under any other kind of medication, you should consult your doctor before starting off on this enhancement drug. Various drug-drug interactions can occur otherwise causing adverse effects. Commonly the generic drugs are cheaper than branded ones. The potency and effects remain the same. You could either purchase the drug at your local pharmacy or through online vendors. Most people prefer to buy online as it could become embarrassing to buy the drug in person. Moreover, online stores offer better prices especially when you buy in bulk. Anonymity is maintained. Most of the vendors also deliver the drug at your doorstep and feature free shipping. The reputation of the seller should be verified before the purchase. Since Viagra is a sensitive drug, there can be many scammers who sell spurious, badly manufactured or less effective drugs.

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All You Need to Know About the Wonder Drug Viagra

Viagra is a drug used for treating impotence in males. This is a condition wherein the penis does not become straight during sexual intercourse thus hampering the process. This drug induces blood flow into penis thus curing of this condition. Before taking this drug consult your doctor. Prices can be found online.

What is the purpose of Viagra?

The purpose of this drug is helping men to have an erection or sustaining it thus helping them to get over the condition commonly referred to as impotence. This helps them to successfully perform the sexual act. This drug is actually a chemical called Sidenafil Citrate which acts as a stimulant for blood flow and thus leads to firm erections of the penis.

How does this drug perform?

This drug enables blood flow into the internal areas of the penis. This is done by injecting certain chemicals that would induce the flow of blood to the penis in tandem with sexual arousal.

What is the normal method of consumption?

It is taken orally generally one hour before sexual intercourse. The dosage is once daily. One’s physician would be better enlighten on aspects of its side effects.

How is this drug normally sold at the retail outlets?

It is sold in the form of oral tablets. They are available in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg quantities depending upon ones needs.

Is a prescription required for buying this drug?

Yes. A prescription is definitely required for buying this drug.

What are the side effects of this medication?

Like all powerful drugs, this too has certain side effects. The common side effects associated with these tablets are headache, stomach ache and temporary visual problems. The visual problems occur in the form of variations in colour perception, light perception or blurred vision.

Should this drug be taken along with some other form of treatment in order to treat impotence?

Scientific research is yet to validate the safety of this drug when used along with other forms of treatments. Thus, it is safe to take it alone and not to combine it with any other form of medical treatment.

Is it advisable to take these tablets along with other drugs?

Your doctor is best person to advice you on this aspect. Whatever be the type of medications, you should always consult your health practitioner before taking this medication. People who are taking nitroglycerine should not take this drug as it might lead to a lower blood pressure.

Price and related information of this drug:

How much does this drug cost?

It costs 115 to 160 US dollars for 12 tablets. In case you are going in for 24 tablets it costs from 217 to 330 dollars. The cost per pill varies from 8.3 to 19.75 dollars. Keep in mind that the more number of tablets you buy in a batch, the lesser price you pay. Batch sizes vary from 4 to 48 tablets. Thus when you are buying only 4 per batch, the price would be considerably higher than say when you buy 48 in a batch. There are several online websites wherein you can check on the price. Remember that prices also vary slightly from provider to provider.

Is the cost of this drug normally covered under insurance?

This depends on the individual insurance providers. Call them and check on them whether they specifically provide insurance cover for Viagra. Federal Drug Administration or the FDA has no say on this issue.

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Cialis – A Wide Reaching Drug

Cialis is a drug that helps ( ) to tackle erectile dysfunction in men. Its effect lasts for greater than 36 hours. It shows its action within 30 minutes of consumption.

Cialis basically belongs to the group of drugs that is useful to treat erectile dysfunction in many men. They have also proved to offer intense feelings whenever a man wishes to become engaged in any sexual activity. However, the benefit of this drug lasts for just a short duration of time. This drug has helped a lot of men with issues regarding the erection letdowns. This drug has been scientifically proved to have components that make it possible for a man to reverse his inability to get an erection. This drug contains phosphodiesterase. This is an inhibitor of type 5 or it is simply also known as the PDE5 inhibitor.

A Look at the Drug

The PDE5 inhibitor obstructs the PDE’s effect found in men. Due to this, a man consuming this drug gets a relaxing feel. Now, the PDE5 inhibitors help in promoting blood flow in men. When a man is stimulated, a hormone known as Cyclic GMP is released from his body. However, because of the effect brought in by the PDE, this effect of the Cyclic GMP does not last for a long time. If this effect of the Cyclic GMP gets blocked due to any reason, then it is impossible for any man to get or even maintain a long standing erection.

The PDE5 inhibitors present in this drug helps to treat erectile dysfunction. Therefore, when a PDE5 inhibitor is present, the supply of blood flow in men is improved and this helps to tackle erectile dysfunction. The period of time for which the effect of this drug is present and the time it takes to show its desired effect is better compared to other drugs within the same genre. It has been known at displaying its effect within just 30 minutes. However, some studies have been conducted that reveal that this drug has its desired effect in just less than about 15 minutes.

When it concerns consuming this drug, it can be consumed without or with food. Studies have shown that this drug can retain its effect for up to 36 hours. There have been some reports of side effects of this drug. However, knowing about these well in advance helps to prepare yourself. On rare occasions men can experience a sort of muscle ache, especially in their backs, once they have taken this drug. This ache generally goes away by itself. They do not remain for a long time. However, if the ache hangs around for greater than 24 hours, you must give a call to your doctor.

Using this male enhancement drug sometimes causes reddening of face, headaches and dizziness. The secondary side effects all happen to be impermanent. Many have chosen Cialis as an ideal drug to tackle erectile dysfunction as compared to other drugs. Some drugs meant for treating your heart condition and blood pressure may have serious interaction with this drug. This is especially so with nitrate drugs meant for chest ache and some alpha blockers meant for high blood pressure. Some drugs may also interact with this drug. Hence, make a listing of all drugs you take and talk to your doctor once before you start consuming this drug.

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Cialis Basics Phamacy

Since Adam bit into the prohibited apple, sex has been a part of life. But modern day tensions, age, hormonal imbalances etc have given rise to many issues affecting sex life, adversely. Erectile dysfunction is one such condition and the cure was seen in Viagra, which came into the market in 1998. Cialis is a similar and an improved drug with lesser side

Drugs for treating erectile dysfunction are considered one of the better known occurrences to hit the world of medicine in the last few years. These drugs are known to endow men with more confidence and vigor to perform better in the bedroom. After Viagra was known to produce unwanted side effects, more research was required to come up with a new improved product. The drug Tadalafil, with the marketed trade name being Cialis, was the result of this research and is believed to have very little side effects.

This drug was jointly developed by Eli Lilly & Co. and ICOS Corporation. The basic classification is Phosphodiesterase or PDE inhibitor which puts it in the same group as its competitors, Viagra and Levitra. All these drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction have some things in common while there are also some other factors that make Tadalafil a unique drug.

The similarity with the other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction is that Tadafil is also used to treat heart problems just like Viagra is used.  Pulmonary artery hypertension is also treated with this drug. The blood pressure can be lowered by relaxing the pulmonary artery’s walls and bringing down the resistance to the blood flow. This drug is also used to treat a benign prostate condition called prostatic hyperplasia. Like other similar drugs Tadafil can be taken when the person requires it.

Dissimilarities with reference to Viagra

This drug can be taken in smaller doses as compared to Viagra. While the latter is available in the range of 25 to 100 mgs, Tadafil’s most potent dose is 20 mg. Concentrated in small amounts is what makes it stand out, against its competitors.  It is also believed to be effective even after 36 hours of having it. In fact this is why it is often referred to as a “weekend pill”.

Tadafil works by inhibiting PDE and relaxing the muscles that make up the arterial walls. This in turn improves the flow of blood. As the pressure is relieved on the pulmonary artery, the penis is able to receive increased blood supply.  Since erectile dysfunction is due to lack of adequate blood flow to the penile region, the problem is overcome by using this drug. What makes this drug really unique is its much longer half-life.  This implies that it is used up very slowly as compared to its competitors, due to its half-life being 17 hours. This also ensures that it is very effective for a longer duration compared to Viagra.

This is a prescription drug and it is good for one to realize this is not a cure for erectile dysfunction. It is used to overcome the problem temporarily and one dosage is useful only for a day or two. Cialis does not offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases nor is it a male contraceptive. There are certain side effects like loss of hearing and vision. Some patients have felt giddy while some have heard a ringing sound in their ears. If the side effects continue even after two days, then a doctor should be consulted.

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Viagra is a drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Viagra is a drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  It is not meant to cure the disease but only to alleviate the symptoms.  It works by allowing the good circulation of blood to the penis in order to achieve erection in men.

What is this Drug?

Viagra is a drug developed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and some forms of impotence primarily in men.  The generic name of the drug is sildenafil.  It acts by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase-PDE5.  When used in combination with sexual stimulation, the drug produces good blood circulation into the male sex organ in order to achieve erection for sexual intercourse.  It is not designed to be used by women.  The drug is designed and marketed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, Inc.

Does the drug work automatically upon ingestion?

viagra men

Sildenafil is effective in allowing good blood flow to go into the penis in order to achieve an erection but you also need to be in the mood for the sexual act as well.  Basically it takes about half an hour before patients begin to experience the effects of the medication.  Men that do not have any psychological issues get easily aroused upon taking the medication.  However, those that have severe sexual issues or a major form of ED will require a little extra effort in order to fully enjoy the effects of this medication.  The fact that the drug is not an aphrodisiac meaning it does not have a direct effect on the sexual desire of the man; it is not used by doctors to treat loss of libido.  However, if the man has lost his sexual drive due to the fact that he is unable to maintain an erection then sildenafil will be of great benefit.

How do you go about taking Sildenafil?

The drug is taken via the oral route.  As mentioned above, it might take about thirty minutes before one feels its effects so if you have a planned intercourse with your partner; make sure to take it at least an hour before so as to enjoy its effects.  It is important to note that high fat foods delay its effects.  It is also recommended to avoid certain juices such as grapefruit when taking the medication.  Only take the drug based on the recommendation of your health care provider.  Sildenafil is known to cause vasodilation.  If you have a coronary condition or are taking any medications for high blood pressure make sure that you strictly follow your doctor’s advice to avoid any untoward danger to your health.

What are the usual side effects?

As in any drug there are side effects that can be expected from taking sildenafil.  Some of the most common includes: headache, heartburn, lightheadedness, blurred vision, loose bowel movement, changes in vision and flushing.  If any of these effects are felt it is important to stop taking the drug and tell your doctor about them so he can adjust the dose based on your body’s tolerance.

Does the medication work with all kinds of Erectile Dysfunction?

Men that have erectile dysfunction due to a psychological condition can benefit the most from taking Viagra.  Those that have diseases of the blood vessels as well as those with depression can also have a fulfilling sex life with this medication.

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Curing ED and moving towards a happier life with proper diagnoses

generic viagra pillsAs you age, there are several physical defects that will come along the process. It differs with time, from women to men and most importantly depends on your body condition and constitution. Some are still happily walking and playing at the age of 80 and some on the other are suffering from diseases untreatable. Some of these issues might be the result of a consistent unhealthy lifestyle or hereditary or some may be psychological as well. However there are problems that you cannot control naturally and are bound to face them after a certain age. Impotence for instance is a condition that is beyond your grip and for men; this is one irregularity that has been the cause of tremendous emotional and physical disturbance. A man above the age of 40 starts to exhibit the problem and with the incoming 70’s the problem becomes a permanent issue. If you yourself are facing issues as such, then a visit to the doctor’s chamber is a must advice.

The need to treat impotence

The inability to maintain an erection during sexual activities is diagnosed as impotency. According to the statistics, nearly 40% of men suffer from this issue. Intercourse is the very essence of a satisfied sexual life and if unable to perform it or maintain standards then life takes a turn for the worse. When the blood is unable to reach the penis, the erection fails. Arousal or orgasm gets difficult to achieve and this becomes a major cause of distress. However the good news being that there are several medications that can be referred to and Viagra happens to be the most known saviour of all. However it is necessary to understand when and how you should move towards the use and how it actually helps in the process.

To understand the importance of the impotency condition, it is crucial to be aware of the impending symptoms and causes. The physical and environmental causes are many. Issues like obesity, diabetes, injury to the area, heart diseases, cholesterol, hypertension, spinal cord injury and several other conditions may be responsible for the impotence factor. On the other hand drugs, alcohol, smoking, depression and related issues are also likely to serve as major causes. A part of these reasons are within your control and some are not. For the problems you are unable to command, there is a need for medication and awareness. Several people avoid this irregularity without understanding the future dangers involved. With the issues of erectile dysfunction it is difficult to attain the desired sexual satisfaction and you are left at the mercy of medicines. However with the help of Viagra, it can be effectively solved considering that the drug is cheap and also widely available.

The effectiveness Viagra treatment

Its availability is one of the major proofs of its effectiveness. There can be several treatments associated with impotence but even doctors recommend the use of generic Viagra to achieve a 100% positive result. Hence with the help of this oral medication, you can solve a major issue without having to go through too much of complexities. However it is necessary to consult with the doctor before you start taking the medications.

It may interfere with other drugs you are currently taking. Therefore it is wise to clear out the doubts and start the use. Just like other prescription drugs, Viagra has its own set of effects, so it is imperative to have the right dosage and be aware of all the consequences from your doctor. If you are taking antibiotics, then it is necessary to have the doctor informed. Also a complete medical history of your past records has to be shown to be absolutely sure that no other diseases in your system can negatively interact with the Viagra.

Hence with an increased blood flow and proper consistent erection, you are now free to enjoy physical pursuits that you were previously unable to maintain. You and your partner can enjoy the moments as desired and be free for sexual complication. Treating ED leads to a happier you!

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Where Can You Find Cialis

When you want to buy cialis, you can do so either from the offline or online stores. The latter is a better option as it affords greater convenience, privacy and accessibility. When you buy this drug online, be sure to go to a reputed site, to check if the drug is FDA approved and to buy only with a prescription.


Impotency is not just a physical problem; it also leads to unwanted psychological effects that are most often seen as low self-confidence in the individual. For this reason alone, it is important that you treat the health condition as quickly as possible. The good news is that the market is flooded with erectile dysfunction drugs, branded and generic, that all claim to help you get rid of the problem in totality. One among the many reputed such drugs is cialis that is both effective and safe. This FDA-approved drug works against impotency by increasing the blood flow to the penis that results in a firmer and longer lasting erection. Indeed, so superb are the outcomes of this wonder drug that the effects are seen as early as within half an hour of drug consumption. What’s more, the effects last up to 36 hours after pill intake which means that you have a wide time-span to indulge in sexual activities post taking the medicine.


Given how effective this pill is in treating erectile dysfunction, needless to say, it is extremely popular among men suffering from the condition. This is why there are several shops both online and offline selling the drug like hotcakes. If you also have a need for this ED drug, then here is some information on where you can buy it from.


Buying this ED Wonder Pill

pills men help EDWhen you want to lay your hands on this ED pill, know that you can purchase it from online stores as well as from their offline counterparts. With the latter, you will have to hop, skip and jump around various brick-and-mortar shops when searching for the best buy. It is also quite possible that the pharmacy near your locality has run out of stock just when you needed the drug. There are also the factors of embarrassment and lack of privacy coming in to play when you buy this pill from the regular pharmacies.


To avoid all these issues, the best way you can find the pink pill is by obtaining it from the very many online stores. Indeed, there is no dearth of the web-based shops selling the drug at extremely competent prices. However, there are some points you must know before you go online ED drug shopping. Firstly, know that online stores sell primarily two varieties of this pill- generic and branded. Understand that contrary to the popular opinion, generic drugs are just as safe and effective as their branded counterparts. The added advantage with the former is that the drugs come at a significantly lower price which well, you must take advantage of.


Also, when you choose to buy this revolutionary ED pill online, be sure to purchase from a reputed and reliable site. Read through the customer reviews and contact the concerned personnel personally to judge how committed and trustworthy the online store is. Search widely and thoroughly so that you may compare prices and thereby avail of the best deal. Importantly, buy from an internet store that insists on a prescription.


Follow these few tips while buying cialis online and rest assured that you will be rid of impotency in a safe manner.

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Benefits Offered By Cialis – Summary: Cialis (trade name for Tadalafil)

Cialis (trade name for Tadalafil) is the drug popular worldwide as the best and the most effective cure for impotency i.e. erectile dysfunction in males. The drug is produced by the ICOS and Eli Lilly Corporation and offers many benefits. Other than treating impotency, Tadalafil is also helpful in improving the overall sexual stamina in men. The drug improves penile erection and enhances sexual stimulation. Men also experience controlled ejaculation after a Tadalafil treatment.

tadalafil online


Cialis is the trade name of the generic drug – ‘Tadalafil’. The drug is very popular all across the globe for its immense capabilities of treating male impotency (erectile dysfunction), pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Probably there won’t be any American adult who does not know or has not heard about this drug ever. The drug also improves sexual stamina, enhances sexual stimulation and imparts a controlled ejaculation. The drug is manufactured and sold globally by ICOS and Eli Lilly Corporation – a FDA approved pharmaceutical company. Millions of men worldwide trust Tadalafil when it comes to treat their erectile malfunctioning disorder. Those desiring to last longer on the bed with their partners and attain a highly boosted sexual stamina too opt for this drug.


Benefits offered by Tadalafil:-

When it comes to enlist the benefits offered by Tadalafil, the list turns out to be a pretty long one. However, some of the most important and highly acclaimed benefits of the drug are as follows:-


1)      Treats Impotency efficiently:-

Did you often wonder why men buy and consume Tadalafil? Well, the simple answer to that is to get cured from impotency i.e. erectile malfunctioning. Impotency can be due to both psychogenetic and medical reasons. Tadalafil has shown amazing capabilities of curing impotency with optimum efficiently. It treats erectile dysfunction and causes commendable erection. The drug actuates nitric oxide discharge in the body causing the muscles to relax and increasing the flow of blood to the penis. This ultimately results in a better erection. Tadalafil is boon for those who can’t attain a satisfactory boner.


2)      Enhances sexual stamina:-

Tadalafil is also very effective in improving sexual stamina in men. In short, the drug improves the overall staying power of men so that they can last longer in the bed. Hence, the drug plays a great role in enhancing their sexual life and imparts a great sexual pleasure.


3)      Improves sexual stimulation:-

The drug enhances erection along with a highly triggered sexual arousal. The overall reaction to a sexual stimulation or foreplay is highly enhanced and is sparked off in no time. The real reason behind that is the drug. With an enhanced sexual stimulation, comes a great sexual pleasure too. No wonder why men trust Tadalafil online so much. The drug acts as a catalyst to keep you on with the help of some stimulating (enticing) factor.


4)      Imparts controlled ejaculation:-

After being cured from erectile malfunctioning (impotency), a controlled ejaculation is what men start experiencing during their sexual activities. Controlled ejaculation is a positive symptom of the disappearance of impotency. Tadalafil makes sure that the ejaculation is performed at the right time and in a controlled manner. After all, a perfect sexual experience is nothing without a timely ejaculation.


5)      Other benefits:-

Doctors worldwide trust Tadalafil to be equally effective in the treatment procedures of the prostate disorders such as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) in males. Cialis also has an excellent track record in successfully treating various cardiac disorders. The pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is one such example wherein the drug turns out to be so effective.

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Facts and Misconceptions about Viagra

viagra onlineOf the various drugs created to handle erectile dysfunction, Viagra is the most popular and most effective. There are, however, various myths about this drug. Here is some information in that regard.


There is no drug more popular than Viagra online for dealing with erectile dysfunction. It has proven to be most effective since its release to the general public. There are other brands which act as competitors; however, the effectiveness of this drug puts it much ahead of the competition. There are different side effects which occur with other drugs; however the same is not true of this one. While there are some side effects they are not as severe as with other drugs. There are, however, various myths around this drug. These have caused a great number of issues with patients. These myths and misunderstandings lead to a great deal of confusion and in some cases make patients take the drug in a manner not prescribed by their physicians. This may cause issues in the future.


Originally called Sildenafil citrate, this drug was also marketed under the name Revatio. There are various uses for this drug including treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), and altitude sickness. However, it has been most effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is usually caused due to various reasons which can be health related, due to a person’s lifestyle and also psychological reasons. Some reasons include illnesses such as diabetes, heart diseases, and kidney failure, taking medications, smoking, and going through depression. All these contribute towards erectile dysfunction. This drug suppresses the enzyme cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 which is what promotes the dissipation of cGMP in the blood. This is what controls the flow of blood in a penis.


Some Truths about Sildenafil Citrate

There are different stories about this drug and this has caused a great deal of confusion for people. Here are some of myths and the truths instead.


This drug works on all: The truth is that there are times when this drug is not effective. It does not have a 100% success rate with all patients. It depends upon the cause behind the erectile dysfunction.

Consuming this drug is dangerous: There has been no scientific study showing that consumption of this drug is dangerous. There might, however be side effects due to overconsumption. Thus this drug should be consumed as per instructions only.

It is very cheap: This is not completely true. Those sites and stores which sell Sildenafil citrate at dirt cheap rates might actually be selling the generic variety or substitutes.

Taking it once is sufficient forever: The effectiveness of this drug lasts for only 2 hours after consumption. The effectiveness begins to wear off after that and completely disappears after a period of 6 hours.

This drug is dangerous for those with heart conditions: This drug can be fatal during heart conditions only if the patient also consumes nitrate-based drugs or nitrates themselves.

Alcohol and fatty foods negate the effect of Viagra completely: In actuality, while consumption of fatty foods and alcohol does not completely render this drug ineffective, it does delay its effectiveness by a large margin. It also negatively affects the quality of the results obtained.

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