Viagra is a brand name given to the drug Sildenafil Citrate

Viagra is a brand name given to the drug Sildenafil Citrate. It is sold by a company called Pfizer. It is the primary drug which is prescribed by many doctors across the world to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction. The drug works to produce an enzyme called cGMP which causes the high blood flow to penis causing prolonged erection.


Viagra is a brand name of the drug Sildenafil Citrate and is the best known drug prescribed at all times to treat erectile dysfunction. It was introduced in 1998 by British scientists and since then it is the first prescribed drug to treat impotence. It is the class of drug known as PDE-5 (Phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitors. The drug works to enhance and boost the erectile response when a man is sexually aroused. Before the introduction of this blue colored pill, Phentolamine injection was used to treat these erectile issues. The greatest advantage of this drug as a pill is that it causes erection only when the man is sexually stimulated whereas in Phentolamine there is uncontrolled and immediate erection.


The Working Procedure of the Drug

The stuff works in a very simple way. To know about the working procedure of the drug it is also important to know the physiological mechanism of erection. When a person is sexually aroused the brain sends a signal to the nerve fiber. These nerve cells called as NANC produce nitric oxide and release it to the surrounding cells which help to stimulate the enzyme guanylate cyclase. Guanylate cyclase in turn produces a messenger like chemical called guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). This cGMP makes the smooth muscles in the artery to loosen up and dilate. When they dilate the blood flow to penis also increases. The pill works by maintaining the level of cGMP and cGMP is produced only when the brain releases nitric oxide. If there is no arousal then another enzyme by the name phosphodiesterase works to deactivate the cGMP levels.


When a person take the pill, the Sildenafil Citrate in the pill is released into the blood stream and works to eliminate the PDE enzyme which inhibits the cGMP levels. As a result the body builds more cGMP and has a larger dilation effect on the arteries allowing heavy blood flow; so the greater the blood flow, the greater the erection. Also the pill works with the brain and helps to release nitric oxide in the body, which again boosts the cGMP chemical levels. Even though the Sildenafil Citrate flows throughout the body it reacts only with the PDE5 enzyme. The drug stays in the blood for at least 4 hours and later it is excreted or washed away with the help of liver and kidneys.


The side effects associated with this drug are often exaggerated. For instance some people say that this drug lowers the blood pressure. However in actual, the effect is more only when the pill is taken with other nitrate drugs. Nitrates are often prescribed to treat angina so when the pill is taken with nitrates it may lower the blood pressure.


The active ingredient in Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate. The chemical formula for this Sildenafil Citrate is C22H30N6O4S. For best results it is advised to take the pill on empty stomach. When taken with food it does not serve its purpose. It should be taken one hour prior to the sexual activity so that erection is possible in 30- 60 minutes. Taking it only once a day is advisable, if taken more than once it may lead to adverse effects.

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Viagra is a drug that has helped

Generic Viagra is a drug that has helped change the lives of men all over the world.  It is a drug that can improve the blood circulation to the penis in order for it to have and sustain longer erections.  It also has other effects as well such as lowering blood pressure.

Viagra is a drug developed and marketed by pharmaceutical powerhouse Pfizer, Inc.  It was initially designed to be a drug used to treat hypertension until researchers developed a very “erect” side effect in test subjects.  It was then re-designed as a drug that can be used to alleviate the effects of erectile dysfunction in men.

Sildenafil is the active substance in this drug.  It basically belongs to the category of phosphodiesterase-PDE 5 inhibitors.  The drug works by inhibiting this particular enzyme and thereby producing excellent blood flow to the penis, which in effect produces erections.  It is not meant to be used as a cure to erectile dysfunction but it does alleviate its symptoms.  Ever since its introduction, millions of men all over the world have regained their sexual function as a result of this drug.

Benefits in terms of Erectile Dysfunction

Based on published research data, sildenafil acts by promoting excellent penile blood flow, allowing men to achieve longer and harder erections.  It also works by increasing nitric oxide, which is a substance that not only stimulates good circulation but also helps in relaxing certain muscles in the body.  It is important to note that the medication is not meant to increase sexual desire or libido however; it does allow men to have a sustained erection during the sexual act.

Sildenafil has helped countless men to regain their lost self-esteem due to their inability to maintain an erection.  It has also saved a lot of marriages because couples are now able to enjoy their sex life more and to the fullest without any problems.  Another benefit of the drug is that it works really fast and is easy to take.  If you are planning a sexual encounter it is recommended to take the medication at least thirty minutes to one hour before your sexual activity in order to achieve the best effects.  Users also enjoy the benefit of a long lasting effect while on the medication.  It stays in your body for at least four to six hours, which means you can enjoy your activity for that long if you prefer.

Since the medication was developed initially as an anti-hypertensive drug, users can also benefit from its blood pressure lowering effects.  However, users are also warned that if they have an existing heart condition or are taking any blood pressure medications, they need to talk to their doctor in order to get the proper dose necessary for the safe use of this medication.

Another benefit that this drug possesses is that it is known to be useful for people that suffer from a heart condition known as congestive heart failure.  According to data from the American Heart Association, men that have erectile dysfunction as well as congestive heart problems can use the medication safely in order to improve their sex lives.  The study postulated that treating the ED with Viagra allows better compliance with their other medications because they need not have to worry about worsening their other medical conditions as a result.

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Cialis – Top Ten Facts You Ought to Know

Cialis is an effective remedy for male erectile dysfunctions or the problem of the penis not standing erect during a sexual act. Side effects are minimal compared to similar drugs. But one should be careful if one has other ailments especially cardio vascular ones and liver afflictions. This medicine is available easily online as well as offline.

What condition does Cialis cure?

It cures a condition called as impotence in adult males. This refers to an inability of the penis to thicken up during the course of a sexual act.

What function does this drug perform exactly?

It makes the blood to rush into the inner areas of the penis effectively making it stiffened during a sexual act. It also helps to boost one’s sexual confidence.

Can this medicine be used by men of all ages?

Yes. It can be taken by men of all age groups and it is effective across board.

What is the difference between this drug and other such identical drugs available in the market?

The difference is that this medicine acts within the entire body while other similar drugs don’t.

What is the prescribed dosage for this drug?

This is an oral drug that needs to be taken before a sexual act. It is preferable not to use it immediately after food consumption. Your physician would be the best person to advise you on the exact dosage you need to follow.

Are there any side effects to the drug?

Just like any other similar drug, this also has some side effects although it is minimal. Some of the side effects that are reported are muscle cramps, stuffy nose, indigestion and rear aches or pains. But these side effects are reported for this drug only in a minority of cases and the majority of users do not report any noticeable side effects upon using this drug.

What are some vital points that a user needs to be aware of this medication?

When used in conjunction with nitrate medicine or leader-blocker treatment that is used to treat prostatic hyperplasia and elevated blood pressure, these tablets can cause hypertension or high blood pressure. A feeling of light headedness or a cerebrovascular event could result, so one ought to avoid this kind of an intake.

In case you have heart ailments, you need to check with your physician regarding the intake of this drug. If you are having any liver problems also you need to be careful as the effect of the medicine could last much longer than usual. If you are suffering from any other serious ailment also you need to consult your doctor before taking this drug.

What are the points that one need to discuss with one’s medical practitioner regarding the intake of this medicine?

First your medic would like to know whether you have a cardiovascular condition that would hamper your system if you take these tablets. Taking this medicine with you having any type of cardio vascular ailments can seriously put you at risk.

Can these tablets be taken if I am taking other medicines?

This decision can best be taken by your medical practitioner. So consult your doctor in case you are taking other tablets.

Where can one purchase Cialis?

They can be purchased online or at retail pharmaceutical stores. They are available in 5mg, 10 mg and 20 mg strengths.

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Top 3 Must Know Cialis Facts and Myths

Cialis is a drug commonly used by all those who are affected by ED or Erectile Dysfunction. However, there are a large number of myths associated with this drug that need to be explored to learn about it in detail and know about its working and possibilities clearly.


Just like the disease (Erectile Dysfunction) with which it is associated, Cialis is a drug that has been hugely misinterpreted. This is because of the fact that most of the people affected by ED or erectile dysfunction are unaware of the medicines that are best suited for treating their health conditions. However, it is highly important to learn about this health condition and about the medicines that can be used to treat it. This particular drug is a PDE5 inhibitor, which performs the function of increasing the flow of blood through the penis during sexual stimulation. The result is the achievement of better and long lasting erections for all those who are affected by erectile dysfunction. Even though, it is simple to understand the working of this drug and to learn about all those who should be consuming it, there are many myths associated with it in the present world.

Busting the Myths:

  1. Myth: The drug is suitable only for those with serious erectile dysfunction.

Fact: This is a completely illogical and medically unverified claim made by all those people who are less aware about the uses of this drug. It would be wrong to say that this drug can be used by only those who have the permanent inability to encounter erectile dysfunction as the drug can be used by those as well who might fail to experience erections due to fatigue or weakness. This can be explained by going back to analyzing the working of this drug which is basically the boosting of the blood circulation through the penis. This means that the drug has nothing to do with the permanent treatment of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, all those who suffer from insufficient erections due to any reason can use this drug. However, one should always consult a doctor before consuming it as there might be other complications with your health that could require your attention with respect to the use of this drug.

  1. Myth: All those who can achieve satisfactory erections, don’t need the drug.

Fact: This statement again is an unnecessary elaboration of the relation that this drug has with ED. It must be known that in order to be able to use this drug, an individual doesn’t necessarily have to have erectile dysfunction. Even those people who are not satisfied with the quality and the duration of their erections can make use of it to gain sexual satisfaction. Also, it must be revealed that erection related disorders don’t necessarily have to be linked with one’s physiological condition. Even when a person is psychologically affected these issues arise. Therefore, the use of this drug can be quite helpful in such cases.

  1. Myth: The drug can be consumed after alcohol consumption.

Fact: This statement is partially true as there are no instructions provided along with the drug if it should not be taken with or after alcohol. However, researches have revealed that there can be a slight vasolidating effect felt if one consumes alcohol along with Cialis. The two combined can result in increased heart beat and a drop in the blood pressure; leading to headache and giddiness. Therefore, it is better to delimit the alcohol consumption while consuming the drug.

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Cialis- The Wonder Cure For Impotency

Cialis is a miracle pill that acts tough against impotency. It helps men gain and maintain a firmer and longer-lasting erection that heightens sexual pleasures for both the partners. This drug is to be take strictly under medical supervision as its dosage is controlled, it might cause side-effects when taken with other medications and might damage the health when consumed in certain medical conditions.

Suffering from impotency can damage your self-image immensely. This is why men who have difficulty in obtaining and sustaining erections seek medications to improve their condition. Taking appropriate drugs to treat the health condition can work wonders towards bettering sexual happiness not only for you but also for your partner. Knowing this, manufacturers have come up with a number of pills that can effectively resolve the problem of erectile dysfunction and topping the list of such drugs is Cialis.

The Wonder Drug and Its Use against Impotency

This wonder drug essentially belongs to the class of phopshodiasterase inhibitors whose action helps the penile muscles to relax thereby increasing blood flow to the organ. This in turn, causes a quicker and firmer erection and increases the frequency of orgasms. Such effects elicited by taking the drug last up to as many as 36 hours which means that you have a longer period to choose your moment of intercourse from. All these outcomes caused by the tablet ultimately enhance sexual pleasures for both the partners.

While there is no doubt that this anti-impotency pill is a miracle cure, it is best to remember certain points before starting on it in full steam.

Things to remember before taking the Wonder Drug

The first point to remember is that this drug is not an aphrodisiac and does not increase the libido. It can only improve your erection, provided you are already sexually stimulated. Also, note that although studies show that the tablet starts showing effects within 30 minutes; usually it takes at least an hour for the full results to be achieved.

In the market the pill is available in different strengths ranging from 2.5mg to 20mg. However, the exact concentration of the inhibitor that you consume will depend on the severity of your condition, any other medicines being taken and the presence of other health conditions. In this regard, it best to consult a doctor before starting out on the yellow pill.

One important point to bear in mind prior to taking the drug is that it should never be used with nitrates and other blood pressure lowering medicines. Those allergic to Tadalafil must also avoid this pill as it may lead to dire consequences. Also, those suffering from heart diseases, cirrhosis, kidney failure, cancer, bleeding problems and anemia are not advised to consume the drug. Even those who suffer from a painful penile erection that lasts for more than six hours and those whose age is above that for sexual activity should ideally stay away from the drug. Moreover, as the pill causes dizziness, it is best not to drive after taking the drug.

Additionally, you should not take the tablet with alcohol and other ED medications to avoid unnecessary drug-to-drug interactions. Further, the drug itself is not to be used more than once in 24 hours. Finally, remember that this revolutionary tablet is meant only for male consumption; women are not licensed to use this drug.

Use Cialis keeping these few things in mind and there is no reason why the pill should not produce wonderful results that its makers claim it causes.

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Take Viagra. Treat Antidepressant Induced Sexual Dysfunction!

Are you aware of the fact that Viagra can treat sexual dysfunction brought about by antidepressants? If not, ask your doctor now. The drug is easily available in medical stores and online. Make sure you know the rules of taking it.

Sexual dysfunction brought about by antidepressants is a common side effect that many suffer from. In fact, most people discontinue taking the antidepressants that again results in treatment failure. It is believed that both selective and non-selective SRI antidepressants cause sexual dysfunction. Unfortunately, these inhibitors are the most recommended medicines for patients suffering from depression. Taking Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) can treat the sexual dysfunction caused by these antidepressants.

Sildenafil Citrate – The Answer to Your Sexual Problems!

The drug has opened a new door to happiness and enjoyment. Individuals who are depressed and unhappy have found something they can trust. Antidepressants affect almost every aspect of a person’s sex life. They significantly reduce the desire for sex. The antidepressants make a man incapable of achieving and sustaining an erection. They cause vaginal dryness and decreased sensitivity of the genitals in women. Moreover, they also affect both sexes’ ability to achieve orgasms.

Sexual dysfunction means low self-esteem and in certain cases dangerous psychological effects that go far beyond the bedroom. The overall quality of life is greatly affected. Soon the sufferers stop taking the antidepressants that result in more complication. Generally the sexual problems start within two to three months of taking the drug. If this patient takes Sildenafil Citrate, he will benefit from it. Here we need to know how an erection occurs. First the muscles of the penis relax. This allows the blood to flow into Corpora Cavernosa. This results in the penis getting stiff. Sildenafil makes the muscles relax thereby filling it with blood.

Of course, the person needs some sexual stimulation to achieve this erection. Sildenafil Citrate does not increase your sex drive and it never affects orgasm. Take Sildenafil an hour before sex after a light meal. The effect of the drug stays for four hours or so. This does not mean that the erection will last four hours. Sildenafil should be taken once in a day only when needed. To avoid side effects, it is best to sit with your physician who will chalk out the lowest dose that works for you. Visit your doctor now. Before you take Sildenafil Citrate, make sure you have a complete health check-up. People who take nitrates or have heart problems should first consult the doctor before taking Sildenafil Citrate.

Viagra is a drug that treats sexual dysfunction effectively. However, it should not be misused. After all it is a drug. Patients who are suffering from depression and are taking antidepressants might have many other problems associated. However, if you consider only the sexual dysfunction part, then yes, Sildenafil citrate is most definitely the drug you are looking for. Numerous studies have been conducted on both men and women and fortunately the Sildenafil have affected both sexes positively. Moreover, it has also surpassed other drugs in the same category such as placebo. There are a lot of myths regarding Sildenafil Citrate. You should first know about the drug, and then take it. Get back your drive. Make every session count!

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Useful Tips when Purchasing Viagra

Viagra is one of the most prescribed medications by doctors for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. When purchasing the drug, make sure you are acquiring it at a reputable online pharmacy. The price should be close to in value with that from the manufacturer’s site.

Viagra is the most effective and popular medication in treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Manufactured by drug giant Pfizer Inc. the generic name or active component is called sildenafil. It belongs to the phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor class of medications that relaxes penile arteries which allow blood to rush in and produce erections. It is not meant to be used as a libido enhancer because patients who take the drug require sexual arousal before it presents its effectiveness. Here is some important advice on how to procure the drug properly.

The drug is considered to be the first oral type of medication that is used to alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Millions of sufferers all over the world have benefited from being prescribed this medication. Its popularity has made it quite popular with copycats and scam artists who are looking to take a slice out of its billion dollar profits. When purchasing the drug at a local reputable pharmacy there is difficulty in it being sold a fake one because of strict pharmaceutical laws and guidelines. However, the problem is when one is trying to procure the drug online. A lot of people have been misled into purchasing cheap so-called generic versions of the drug only to find out that what they got was an entirely different blend of herbs and traditional cures that barely amounted to anything useful. As a matter of fact a recent study showed that over half of the medication being sold online is actually fake.

When purchasing the medication online it may be best to purchase it directly at the manufacturer’s website so that you can be sure that what you are getting is the real deal. However, if you find the price a bit steep and want to get the drug at a cheaper price there are also reputable online pharmacies that you can try and get the drug safely. One thing that you should be aware of is the fact that sildenafil is a prescription type drug; meaning you cannot use it without the expressed written instructions of your attending physician. Be very careful about sites that offer to sell you the drug for free as these are probably located in emerging economies where there is little or no pharmaceutical regulation.

Check the Sales Price

When it comes to the price of the medication be very careful about sales pitches that seem too good to be true. For instance, the price of the medication is around $25. This means that any discount should be near this standard. If you see a site selling the medication for as little as three dollars then this is already a red flag for you to avoid.

When purchasing Viagra online at a website other than that of the manufacturer, make sure that the particular pharmacy has been vetted by independent bodies that attest to its legitimacy. Make sure that it has an active help line that you can call just in case there is an issue about your order. Test the provided help line to see if there is indeed another person on the line who will answer the call and not merely some answering service.

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Advantages of Using Cialis for Erectile Dysfunction

A drug to combat erectile dysfunction is available to help men improve their sexual performance. A healthy sexual life affects not only the health of men but also their personal and social relationships. That is why it is important to know the benefits of Cialis, a drug that is unique among other drugs that combat impotence. This drug also lowers the risk of hypertension and high blood pressure.

A medication for erectile dysfunction called Cialis or Tadalafil should be taken by men who experience erectile dysfunction. Impotence among men is a naturally occurring disease. It is a dysfunction of a man’s sexual organ that hinders him to perform sexual acts. This happens when the penis fails to maintain erection during a sexual act. A penile erection is important in a sexual performance, it is the effect of the sexual arousal wherein the effect of blood within the penis is retained and thus affects the sponge-like bodies that would make the penis erect. Signals from the brain during sexual arousal are transmitted to the penis. Men with erectile dysfunction have a problem during the process of sexual arousal. The occurrence of this sexual dysfunction is common among older men. Some naturally occurring diseases such as cardiovascular, neurological and hormonal deficiencies affect erectile function. Psychological problems can also contribute to this sexual dysfunction; this is where thoughts and feelings affect the sexual arousal in the brain. Men who are in a long-term commitment and wish to start a family will have a big problem if they experience erectile dysfunction. Failure to experience sexual arousal will not result into making babies. Also, the sexual relationship with his partner or wife can be greatly affected. One of the factors of marital woes and breakups is impotence. That is why, if you are having a problem with your sexual performance you should consider taking up drugs that will help you conquer it.

Benefits of Tadalafil for Erectile Dysfunction

Solving impotence is now easy because of medications that are made to help men reach their optimum sexual performance. Now due to medical technology, relationships are saved and babies are born. Among drugs that solve erectile dysfunction Tadalafil is unique because of its long term effect that contributes to the endurance of the penis. It is very powerful that is why if you wish to take it, you must first consult your doctor especially if you experience cardiovascular diseases. Men who have heart problems are not advised to take drugs that help eliminate impotence. It is extremely risky.

Thirty six hours after taking this drug, a man will experience power in his sexual organ. Blood will start circulating in his blood stream and sexual arousal will occur. This is the first effect of this drug, an improvement in a man’s blood flow that will help his penis to become erect. Then it will affect the testosterone, the hormone that is responsible for manhood. It will improve the ratio between testosterone and estrogen level in the man’s body. This hormone level greatly contributes to a man’s sexual arousal. It will also help a man become robust in his sexual performance. For having to maintain a long erection adds to a man’s confidence and ego. This drug also lowers high blood pressure and reduces the risk of hypertension. And in some cases, it also acts as an anti-depressant. All this benefits from Cialis will surely improve a man’s sexual performance thus strengthening his relationships with his partner.

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How Cialis Enhances Sexual Performance?

Tadalafil is a class of drug which is sold under the brand name Cialis. The drug is prescribed to treat male impotence and erectile dysfunction. The drug works to accelerate the blood flow to the penis by regulating the cGMP levels in the blood stream. The drug also helps to improve performance as it causes hardness to the penile tissues.


Cialis is the brand name of the drug Tadalafil. This drug is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction. The drug is most useful to improve and enhance the sexual performance of males. It is also used to treat the symptoms of enlarged prostate gland. The condition is called as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The drug is prescribed only for men and it is not to be used by children and women.


Drug Treats Erectile Dysfunction

The main function of this drug is to increase the blood flow to the particular areas of the body especially penis leading to erection. When introduced into the body the drug helps to increase the blood flow to penis leading to long lasting erection. Blood flow to penis is important to dilate the arteries so that erection is possible.


Apart from erection the drug also helps to harden the penile tissues leading to better functions and helps to satisfy the partner. This medicine is approved by FDA and it is available in the market since 2003. Even though there are many drugs in the market which helps to treat erectile dysfunction this drug is highly preferred due to the long lasting effects. In contrary to the popular drugs which last in the body only for 4-5 hours, this drug lasts in the body for at least 17 hours.

This particular drug is proven to improve performance and stamina. The drug has a positive effect on people suffering from premature ejaculation, as it gives hardness to the penile tissues and the sensitivity of the penis is covered. However this is not true for all patients. It is also said that this drug has the potential to keep the man aroused for more than 36 hours. General sexual health and stamina varies from person to person and it depends upon the health, fitness and lifestyle of each person. The erection is completely dependent on the blood circulation of a person.


Most of the users agree that Tadalafil works to improve better and long lasting sexual performance. This is done by accelerating the levels of cGMP (guanosine monophosphate). This cGMP is responsible to dilate and relax the artery muscles allowing free flow of blood and this cGMP is produced only when the man is sexually aroused. When he is not aroused another enzyme called phosphodiesterase-PDE5 present in the corpus cavernosum tissues of penis degrades the cGMP levels. In order to achieve erection this PDE5 enzyme should be blocked and Tadalafil works to inhibit the release of this PDE5 enzyme. cGMP degradation prevents adequate blood flow to penis, so when this degradation is prevented men can enjoy long lasting harder erections.

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How Cialis Helps In Improving Your Sexual Relationship?

Cialis is one of the most popular drugs worldwide known for its immense capabilities in treating erectile dysfunction i.e. impotency in males. Tadalafil can help in improving sexual relationships by providing a better cure for impotency, improving erection, enhancing sexual stamina, raising sexual stimulation and by imparting a controlled ejaculation.

Cialis is the trade name for the generic drug – Tadalafil. The drug is basically used for treating various disorders in males like impotency (erectile dysfunction), pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The drug also improves sexual stamina, enhances sexual stimulation and imparts a controlled ejaculation.

Can Tadalafil help you improve your sexual relationship?

Yes of course, Tadalafil can help you improve your sexual life significantly. The drug is popular worldwide in treating all those disorders and in solving all those problems which cause hindrance in your sexual relationship. The drug is FDA approved and medically accredited all across the globe.

How can Tadalafil help you improve your sexual relationship?

Time and again, Tadalafil has always proven to be very effective in improving sexual relationship for millions of males worldwide. The drug is medically approved and has won the trust of innumerous men all across the globe. The drug is known for its immense capabilities of boosting a healthy sexual life. Here’s how Tadalafil improves your sexual relationship:

1)      Treatment for erectile dysfunction:

Tadalafil is used worldwide in the treatment processes of erectile dysfunctions (also called as impotency). The drug has amazing capabilities of curing impotency with utmost efficiently. The drug regulates and improves the discharge of nitric oxide compounds in the body which in turn relaxes the muscular tissues present in the penis. As a result, the blood vessels present in the penis becomes normal and the flow of blood to the penis gets increased significantly. This ultimately results in a better erection and causes the erectile malfunctioning to disappear.

Treating impotency in males is probably the most important role that Tadalafil plays in improving sexual relationships. Impotency has always been a taboo for males and one of the prime decisive factors behind the relationship break-ups with their female partners. Getting cured from impotency is probably the most crucial benefit that men can avail from Tadalafil in order to save their otherwise stagnant and overstrung sexual relationship.

2)      Improvement of sexual stamina:

Diminished sexual stamina is one of the prime reasons which may cause tensions in sexual relationships. A sexual relationship is nothing if you can’t stay on the bed for a longer duration. Tadalafil comes in as a rescue for those who don’t last longer in the bed with their sex partners. The drug improves your sexual stamina drastically boosting you with enough power to stay on until complete satisfaction.

3)      Enhances sexual stimulation:

Tadalafil doesn’t only helps you gain a better erection, but also facilitates a highly triggered sexual arousal. The drug plays a great role in enhancing your overall reaction to a sexual stimulation or foreplay. Thanks to the drug, you can enjoy a highly enhanced sexual stimulation which gets sparked off within no time at all. With an improved and impressively aroused sexual stimulation, comes a much greater sexual pleasure too. No wonder why men trust Tadalafil so much for a fiery and highly satisfactory sexual pleasure.

4)      Imparts a controlled ejaculation:

After being cured from erectile malfunctioning (impotency), a controlled ejaculation is what men start experiencing during their sexual activities. Cialis ensures a perfect timed and controlled ejaculation. After all, a perfect sexual experience is nothing without a timely ejaculation.

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